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Tutorial for my car trash bags

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Summer 2016 Issue


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Green Goose Car Trash Bags Tutorial  by Stephanie Hughes
Please don't use this design to
manufacture bags for resale! 

Fabrics you will need: 1.  The main part of the bag can be anything you want!  In this bag I used a wild print but you can quilt or do anything you like in this part, be creative!    * cut 1 of front fabric  22" x 13"  * cut 1 of lining fabric  22" x 13"
2.  Binding:  mine is pink!    * cut 1 -  22" x 3.5"  
3.  Handle: mine is the same print here but you can use anything! 
  * cut 1 -  22" x 2.5" 
You will also need: 1.  Peltex 70 (Pellon) - Full width of Pellon (20 inches) x 8 inches tall 2.  Optional button for decoration 

Step 1:  
Fold the main fabric you selected in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Sew the center back seam as shown in the…

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