Reupholstering Vanity Stools


Love these stools but not this fabric.  

Time to refinish them.  

This stool is by Uttermost!  It's so perfect for the look I am going for
because two of them fit perfectly under my McGee and Co table from Target!

I put them in my craft room and started to take them apart.
Covered with the fabric I used in my kitchen. 

The how to is easy.  Turn it upside down, unscrew the seat and remove the staples with a staple remover. 
The fabric was glued onto the cushion so I could not take it off.  
I simply covered the beige fabric with my blue fabric.
I measured the fabric and cut 2 identical cuts, one for each seat.  
Using my professional staple gun, I recovered the seat and then reattached 
the seat with with the same screws I removed. Viola! Finished.  It's that easy. 

Here is a photo of my nearby kitchen drapes and roman shade that I made.
Check out this post for more pictures!  

Back to the stools....

There you go.  Love this Clara fabric.  Just love it! 


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