Embellished Jean Jacket


J Crew jean jacket / size 2T

How did I do it?

Tilda Fabric with other scraps

I measured the space on the jacket that a pieced design would fit.  I then designed a square to fit the space  and made it.   Next, I added enough blue fabric all the way around the square to reach the seams where I planned on appliquéing into place.   

The paper pattern was exact size but when I cut the shapes I added 0.25 inches on each edge or 0.5 inches total width.   For example: the center squares finished size is 2" x 2" so I cut it 2.5" x 2.5"

I machine quilted the square onto the jacket, leaving the edges free of quilting so I can easily applique the edges up to the back and side seams.  


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