Wedding Quilt with Hearts

 Made as a wedding gift for one of my co-workers who invited me to her wedding. 

Love the binding stitching, brought to the front with white sashiko thread

on the long arm

on the long arm

This pattern is called the Open Heart Pattern from @lellaboutique


What a wonderful gift for your co-worker!! I'd like to know about the method you used to attach the label to the quilt. Am I seeing things or does the label have a traditional quilt binding? I thought it was a mug rug included with the quilt.
Hi, Stephanie! It has been a long time since I have blogged anything. I went on my blog today to get my recipe for Pumpkin Gobs, and you had left a comment. I clicked on your highlighted name, and, much to my surprise, you are still blogging. I am so happy for you that you continued on. I loved blogging, but I don’t really know why I stopped out of the blue. It just happened.

I’m glad to see you are still quilting. I am, too. I love this quilt. It’s beautiful.


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