Turning Artwork into a QUILT

Here is a quilt finish, I made this quilt for her by using @monika_forsberg ‘s artwork (w/permission)! She is such an amazing artist from the United Kingdom.  Every time I see her work I think to myself, "that would be a beautiful quilt" so finally I got my nerve up to make it a reality.  I think she loves the results because she reposted my post!  Take a look at her IG page, it's amazing!  Right now as I am posting this she has 95 wonderful comments about how much everyone likes it. 

You might ask me why I made this quilt.  I made to celebrate the retirement of my Nurse Manager from Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has been my boss, my friend and my fellow quilter for my entire 32 years in the NICU (my entire nursing career). This gift can’t begin to thank her for all she has done for me over the years! ❤️

even @Freespiritfabrics posted the quilt! 

How did I do it?  

1.  I found some artwork I wanted to turn into a quilt:

2.   I asked permission from the artist.  Luckily she was thrilled! 

3.  I used an app of my computer called SplitPrint.  You can pick the size you want to translaste the drawing to, I picked 36" by 36" . Using these dimensions, the app turned the drawing into 20 pages (8.5" x 11").  See below:

4.  I taped the pages together to create one big pattern. 

5.  I cut out all the pieces. I wanted to vines to be one piece, or as we call it in the quilting world, whole cloth applique.    

6.  Then I arranged the vines down onto my background fabric.

Before and After hand appliquéing this vines onto the background fabric

7.  I appliqued the vines into place: 

7.  Appliquéing the flowers and leaves onto the background fabric!  Below are some pictures of the progress:

8.  I made 250 little circles to go on the background.  Check out this video of how I did them:

I tie my knot to the top of my circles. 

9.  I appliqued the little circles to the background:

10.  I quilted the background.  I decided to leave the appliqued pieces alone so they would pop off the background.  

11.  Don't forget to sign your quilt!  This is my trademark.  I always sign my quilts with a personalized hand embroidered label. 

More pics!


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