Save those memories with a baby clothes quilt.

One of the most fun quilts that I have made in a while is this adorable quilt made out of some saved baby/children clothes.  I was commissioned to come up with a quilt for my friend who wanted a quilt made from her two daughters clothes.  She wanted something very classic with white in it and this is what I came up with!  I did a stacked coin quilt with white sashing.   

my friend Julie and her family



I backed each piece of stretchy tee shirt/sleeper with Pellon interfacing SF101 so it wasn't too thick but that it wasn't stretchy any more.  I wanted a soft touch and feel to the quilt when it was completed, not heavy.  In some cases I had to use interfacing on the embellishments on the clothes and cut them out and reapply them to larger areas of the clothes in order to get a 6 x 3.5 block.  I stacked the baby clothes blocks on top of each other for the size of the quilt I wanted and I bordered the sides with a 3.5 inch strips. I saved the extra blocks for the back where I pieced into the the back.  

Above you can see a monkey, it's a foot off of a sleeper that I cut off and attached it the square and then quilted under and around it so it can flop back and forth on the quilt.

My quilt labels always get a personal touch.  This one was embroidered and the children's names were added.  I make a mini quilt, quilt it, bind it and hand attach it the back of my quilts AFTER they have been quilted so the design of the quilting doesn't detract from the label.

First, I found a font I love and I print it from a word document. Then I trace it onto some white Bella or Moda with a thin blue marker that disappears when made wet.  See below my tracing made into a mini quilt label.  I baste it to the batting BEFORE embroidering so the knots and threads are hidden behind the layers. 

I used 3 strands of DMC floss for my letters.  Remember, to attach your batting FIRST so your knots and threads behind the words stay hidden.

back of quilt with label


sansuey said…
Aw, really mice work! This will be cherished for a long, long time!
Shasta Matova said…
This shows how lazy I've been in making quilt labels - this is a super idea! I'll have to try binding a quilt label before attaching it.
Barb said…
I too am bad about making the quilts.

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