Surfboards and Palm Trees Hawaiian Quilt

My Hawaiian Quilt ~ a wedding gift

Congratulations to Jess and Keegan and their new life together.  After their wedding, the headed to  Hawaii for their surfing honeymoon.  I usually make a quilt as a wedding present but time did not allow me to make it ahead of their wedding.  After they posted tons of pictures on their IG page of their wonderful honeymoon, I had a great idea to give them a honeymoon memory.  I would make a Hawaiian quilt, a challenge since I had never made before.  An internet search led me to Pacific Rim Quilt Company and I saw this quilt!  I used Moda Grunge fabrics (Clear water and Ocean), water and sky colors and viola!  

Jess and cousin Keegan, Huck the pup

Beautiful bride Jess

I used the same pattern and made three of them.  Here is an example of one basted in place with thread and ready to hand applique it to the quilt top.  I did not trim the quilt top away from the design.  

How to embroider on your quilt top:  this must be done before you put all three layers together.  Once I appliquéd the design to the quilt top, and the quilt top is completely pieced or appliquéd,  you can embroider or embellish the quilt top.   

To embellish your quilt top, put your batting on behind the quilt top and pin the two layers together.  You can comfortable appliqué or embellish and not see threads showing through to the front of the quilt top.  This way, you can hide all your threads and knots behind the batting so it is not visible through your quilt top front OR the quilt back!   

I machine quilted the quilt by echoing the Hawaiian design about 5 times and then I filled in the rest of the quilt with different widths of straight stitching.  The first echo stitch was done right beside the design.   I chose not the machine quilt onto the design but your design may need some quilting!  Be creative.  

Hubby is holding up the quilt top, it's a lap sized quilt.  This is the quilt top before layering, still some appliquéing and embroidery to be done. 

This is how I plan a quilt so I know how much fabric of each I need.  It is important to draw out your design.  Pacific Rim Quilt Company gave me the initial idea but I had to size it the way I wanted it to be to make it lap sized.  

Moxie must always get in the way of photography, it's in his DNA. 

I found this design online and used photoshop to enlarge it to 13" by 13"

The surfing honeymooners, Hawaii 

My quilt labels are personalized for each quilt.  I usually embroider with DMC Floss (3 ply) the name of the person(s) I made it for and my name.  On this label, I added names of places they surfed in Hawaii or visited as posted on the IG page.  I titled it "Surfboards and Palm Trees" by Stephanie Hughes.  To see how I make my quilt labels, visit my post "Quilt Label Tutorial"


Vesuviusmama said…
What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!
Jocelyn said…
Beautiful quilt!

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