Horse Lover's Gift

This is a Christmas gift I made for my friend Trish who loves her horse Lizzy.

Embroidery and a little machine applique allowed me to pull this together.

I used a painters cloth cotton canvas.  It was washed and thrown into the dryer.  I used it for the front and back of this pillow.  I love how soft this fabric ends up after it's washed.  I use this cloth to make my own cover for my ironing board so I always have some extra pre-washed and ready to go.  I also used this cloth for a table cloth on my big 8 ft table at craft shows.  It's a great inexpensive way to buy a nice cloth.  

Trish riding Lizzy 

Me, Trish and Kathy
best friends!


Worldofcantik said…
This cushion pillow cover is a great collection of horse lovers' gifts.

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