Handmade Christmas Stockings

This stocking was fun to make and it only took a few hours.  Using some of my mom's old buttons from her collection will make this gift for my niece special because she will appreciate some of the parts coming from her (God rest her soul!).  

Thanks to Nancy from her Etsy Shop DoSmallThingsWLove for the pattern.  Go here to purchase your pattern. 

I used painters cloth for the stocking base and lined the front of the bags with batting for weight.  

These are my design.  They were made for a brother and sister.  Elleigh and Remington (Remi).   Elleigh was my patient in the NICU for many months.  She was preterm and I was her primary patient.  Her mom sent me these pictures to add to this site.   

I made the name tags by embroidering the names with the DMC floss after drawing the letters on the tag.  
Elleigh with me

Elleigh 4 months old

I used the blanket stitch around the edges of the stockings.

Merry Christmas!


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