Feedsack Quilt

sneak peak to the front

Here is the start of my new feedsack quilt that I am making for my cousin to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary and as a house warming present.  She and her husband were married last December in Washington DC, near Dupont Circle and their home is located in suberb outside of Washington DC.  It's beautiful.  Below is a picture of their new home and of the room I am trying to make something for....

My plan was to make something with BLUE.  Since I collect antique feedsacks, I thought it might be nice to make something for her since she loves antiques.  I put a blue back on it.

the backing
So the front is made up of 154 (3.5 inch) squares to make a lap sized throw for the couch. 

I decided to hand quilt it so I placed lots of different sized circles all over the quilt. 

close up of hand quilting

Before binding
Finished Quilt
Quilt Label
To see a Quilt Label Tutorial check out this post!  


Barb said…
Oh they will totally love your feed sack quilt...
MCW said…
Love it!!! Thank you so much. xoxo

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