Nurses Unite

Miss Colorado's Betty Johnson
Miss America Pageant 2015

For the last couple of days I have been blown away by all the nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, EMT's, Respiratory Therapists, Vet Techs etc that have banned together against the popular talk show "The View".  If you haven't caught their attack on nurses on their Monday show, you can see it below but first see what they're talking about!  They were commenting on Miss Colorado's Talent Performance on the Miss America Contest Sunday night!  See her performance here:

Miss Colorado's Monologue
Miss America Pageant 2015

Amazing.  I watched it live. As a nurse this gave me tears.  I am not "Just a Nurse" either.  I respected her for going out there in her scrubs and showing the world her talent of taking care of the sick.  I was amazed.  Then the next day, Monday, this happened.  I don't watch the show because it drives me crazy but immediately chatter about the show starting showing up on my Facebook Page from all my co-workers who did watch it.  Check out this segment on The View:

The attack

Really?  What did they just say?  This isn't talent?  Is it talent to care for a sick dying newborn baby?  I do it everyday and I believe it is!  As an RN at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the NICU I feel so lucky to love my job and love the babies I have the pleasure to take care of.  I feel like an angel, caring for the sick and sometimes dying.  I am not JUST A NURSE!  I am not wearing a nursing costume either!  Nor am I wearing a "doctors" stethoscope!  I found this photo of me from 30 years ago, holding my "NURSE" stethoscope.  

circa 1985 Johns Hopkins NICU
Stephanie Hughes

We are nurses and we are
talented at what we do!

Nurses and other health care workers, including doctors are banning together to support each other like we do everyday.  They are all up in arms at the lack of knowledge that these comedians showed the world about what they know about nurses.  Shockingly they stabbed the jugular of the profession and in one minute started such an uproar in the health care community that they are now back pedaling.  Here is the attempt at an apology:

Joy Behar's apology

Michelle Collins
Check out what she said here...
we all need to take a Valium!

The American Nurse's Association have accepted Joy's apology but it doesn't stop there.  Advertisers are pulling ads from The View.   Nurses from all over the world have banned together in support.  

Here updated daily are the advertisers that have pulled their ads from the show!  Thanks to them for sending a message to ABC:

Johnson and Johnson
Egglands Best
Party City
Scanner Foods
Kimberly Clark
McCormick Spices
All Laundry

I would like to see ABC take a stand as well.  If anything, I believe this has given nurses a platform to reach out and educate others as to exactly how difficult our job really is.  Highlight nurses and have these ladies from The View spend a day in our shoes and then see if they could do it!  I can't begin to express the many trials and tribulations nurses go through everyday to give excellent care to our patients.  I can't begin to list all the many rewards we receive from doing all that hard work.  It humbles me to be part of such a great group of nurses who stand together and support each other.  

Thanks to FOX NEWS for this!  

“It was heartless.”WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck responds to "The View" hosts for mocking a nurse during the Miss America pageant.
Posted by Fox News on Friday, September 18, 2015

To read some amazing stories about nurses and what they do everyday and to see photos of the strong men and women check out this Facebook group:  Show me your stethoscopes!  



julieQ said…
OH yeah!!! Our docs are pulling for us too, in our hospital...and I love it that the losing show, The VIEW, is losing support!! I think that Joy is the most joyless person I have ever seen...sarcasm and meanness and talking about other people. Didn't you love the AACN shot of the leaders, with their stethescopes?? Wow...
Jocelyn said…
Bravo Stephanie! I applaud what you and all the nurses and doctors do. Keep up the good work. Someone's life may depend on it!
Gene Black said…
The smarta$$ comments from the so-called comedians on "The View" were not at all funny. I suspect if someone had made that type of statement about a Jewish person (Behar) or a Black person (Goldberg) etc that they would have been MORE offended than most nurses were,

Perhaps they should be sentenced to changing diapers in a nursing home for a week. I think that would change their sh__ty attitudes and be totally appropriate.
If one of them ends up in a hospital -well, I wouldn't hold the nurses responsible. Although I know that the nurses would hold to the professional standard anyway.
DeeDee said…
Thank you for all that you do everyday! My mom, grandmother, three of my great aunts and two aunts are/were all nurses. I couldn't do that job in a million years. Three years ago I had my gall bladder out and my bile duct ruptured two days after surgery. Nurses saved my life while I was in the hospital for a week. They talked to me when I had to go to the OR twice in the middle of the night. They explained exactly what needed to be done and when it would happen. They advocated for me when I felt like the doctors were pushing too fast for me to go home. They made sure I was comfortable. They listened when I told them I was in pain. They washed my hair, they shifted me on the bed when I was too weak to do it myself. They saved my life. Plain and simple, I would not be here today to raise my son if they hadn't given me the care that I got. Nurses are angels in scrubs. They make the medical community a safe space for patients. You are amazing and I appreciate what you do as do countless others. Thank you!
DeeDee, that is a lovely story! I really appreciate that you understand exactly what we do! It sounds like you have had a positive outcome from an experience with a nurse! Love it. Thanks for sharing.
Loris said…
This monologue was a Talent in and of itself. She spoke concisely, interesting and purely from her heart. She brought tears to my eyes and made my heart proud to have shared in her profession.
It is comforting to see the support coming after such foolishness on the part of these "entertainers".

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