New Kitty

Vladimir our new Siberian Kitten

We are new owners of a little kitty that we named Vladimir.  A strong masculine name for a Russian Male.  He is pure bred kitty who is hypoallergenic.  Many years ago, my hubby had to give up having a cat because of my allergies.  I had asthma growing up because of my cats in my childhood home.  Then last summer we decided we wanted a kitty to join our family and went to shelters but unfortunately I experienced an immediate reaction.  We thought my dream was over.  During a visit with friends a few months later we realized their cat was causing no reaction.  We found out that their cat was a Siberian.  We did some research and found a list of breeders who sell these kitties at TICA.

We checked all the breeders near our home and communicated with everyone.  The nicest lady ended up contacting us back and communicating with us by answering all our questions.  We were able to do a fur test to confirm I was not allergic to him!  The drive to her cattery was 4 hours but we decided it would be worth it because of all her help.  Here is a link to the cattery were we got our kitten:  Inspurrations Cattery.  We are thankful to Jackie who helped us get a kitty into our home that I am NOT allergic to.  These cats have a lower level of allergen in their saliva and are a great choice for those who suffer.   Here is our baby!  He is just wonderful!

Loves his straws!

Dale our golden retriever is not sure what to think
of that animal hiding in the tree.

Our new little helper!!
He wants to be right where we are!

Dale isn't quite sure yet but it's only been 2 weeks
that they have been together!


Domovnitsa said…
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. I really understand you. My husband is allergic. And I suffer very much because I love cats.
Kim said…
Look at those cute kitty eyes.
KaHolly said…
Oh my goodness, he's the cutest little guy! He's going to grow up to be so handsome. I've never heard of a hypoallergenic cat before. Amazing.

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