Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Thread and Bobbin Holder

I just love my new custom made thread and bobbin holder!
It makes our GreenGoose Car Bags
workshop much more organized! 

Made with magnets to hold the bobbins.  I use two machines so I have spools and bobbins so both can be going at the same time.  


Debbie said...

This is great, Stephanie! Who made it for you? If I ever get my sewing room straightened out, I'm going to have my husband or son make this for me. I just know the bobbins will get knocked off the magnets, though. I'm thinking bent up nails instead of the magnets, sort of like hooks.

Gene Black said...

That is a really cool thread holder. Since my bobbins are plastic the magnets would not work for me, but if I build one, I will find an alternative.

Allison CB said...

Wow - love that thread holder!


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