Thursday, November 26, 2015


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Nov 27, 2015

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

What's next? Vodka?

Vladimir enjoying a mango margarita

Last week I caught Vladimir trying to steal some of my margarita!  I had pureed some mango to put in it and he loved that so later when I added it to my drink I think he thought it was the same thing.  I am surprised he didn't knock it over!!! 

Then yesterday, I heard a weird noise coming from the laundry room.  I found him playing with some bottles hidden under the shelving unit.  We have 2 bottles of champagne and 2 bottles of wine on their sides on the floor to keep them in a cool dark place.  I didn't even remember they were there but Vladi found them!  I caught Vladi playing with them!  He is totally rotten!!!! 

Vladimir and champagne bottles

When I showed the video to hubby, he immediately said...."First margaritas, now champagne, what's next Vodka?"  I laughed so hard because Vladimir is a Siberian Cat from RUSSIA.  How PURRRFECT would it be for him to get into some Vodka?   Hope this brightened your day, it did for me!  Love this kitty!  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vladimir helps me sew!

Vladi has a pillow on my sewing table and often ends up
upside down on my Olfa mat.

Why does thread interest him so much?

I get up for a few minutes and come back to 
him taking over my sewing chair!
Why is it his favorite chair in the house?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nurses Unite

Miss Colorado's Betty Johnson
Miss America Pageant 2015

For the last couple of days I have been blown away by all the nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, EMT's, Respiratory Therapists, Vet Techs etc that have banned together against the popular talk show "The View".  If you haven't caught their attack on nurses on their Monday show, you can see it below but first see what they're talking about!  They were commenting on Miss Colorado's Talent Performance on the Miss America Contest Sunday night!  See her performance here:

Miss Colorado's Monologue
Miss America Pageant 2015

Amazing.  I watched it live. As a nurse this gave me tears.  I am not "Just a Nurse" either.  I respected her for going out there in her scrubs and showing the world her talent of taking care of the sick.  I was amazed.  Then the next day, Monday, this happened.  I don't watch the show because it drives me crazy but immediately chatter about the show starting showing up on my Facebook Page from all my co-workers who did watch it.  Check out this segment on The View:

The attack

Really?  What did they just say?  This isn't talent?  Is it talent to care for a sick dying newborn baby?  I do it everyday and I believe it is!  As an RN at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the NICU I feel so lucky to love my job and love the babies I have the pleasure to take care of.  I feel like an angel, caring for the sick and sometimes dying.  I am not JUST A NURSE!  I am not wearing a nursing costume either!  Nor am I wearing a "doctors" stethoscope!  I found this photo of me from 30 years ago, holding my "NURSE" stethoscope.  

circa 1985 Johns Hopkins NICU
Stephanie Hughes

We are nurses and we are
talented at what we do!

Nurses and other health care workers, including doctors are banning together to support each other like we do everyday.  They are all up in arms at the lack of knowledge that these comedians showed the world about what they know about nurses.  Shockingly they stabbed the jugular of the profession and in one minute started such an uproar in the health care community that they are now back pedaling.  Here is the attempt at an apology:

Joy Behar's apology

Michelle Collins
Check out what she said here...
we all need to take a Valium!

The American Nurse's Association have accepted Joy's apology but it doesn't stop there.  Advertisers are pulling ads from The View.   Nurses from all over the world have banned together in support.  

Here updated daily are the advertisers that have pulled their ads from the show!  Thanks to them for sending a message to ABC:

Johnson and Johnson
Egglands Best
Party City
Scanner Foods
Kimberly Clark
McCormick Spices
All Laundry

I would like to see ABC take a stand as well.  If anything, I believe this has given nurses a platform to reach out and educate others as to exactly how difficult our job really is.  Highlight nurses and have these ladies from The View spend a day in our shoes and then see if they could do it!  I can't begin to express the many trials and tribulations nurses go through everyday to give excellent care to our patients.  I can't begin to list all the many rewards we receive from doing all that hard work.  It humbles me to be part of such a great group of nurses who stand together and support each other.  

Thanks to FOX NEWS for this!  

“It was heartless.”WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck responds to "The View" hosts for mocking a nurse during the Miss America pageant.
Posted by Fox News on Friday, September 18, 2015

To read some amazing stories about nurses and what they do everyday and to see photos of the strong men and women check out this Facebook group:  Show me your stethoscopes!  


Saturday, July 25, 2015

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Friday, June 5, 2015


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Friday, May 15, 2015

New Kitty

Vladimir our new Siberian Kitten

We are new owners of a little kitty that we named Vladimir.  A strong masculine name for a Russian Male.  He is pure bred kitty who is hypoallergenic.  Many years ago, my hubby had to give up having a cat because of my allergies.  I had asthma growing up because of my cats in my childhood home.  Then last summer we decided we wanted a kitty to join our family and went to shelters but unfortunately I experienced an immediate reaction.  We thought my dream was over.  During a visit with friends a few months later we realized their cat was causing no reaction.  We found out that their cat was a Siberian.  We did some research and found a list of breeders who sell these kitties at TICA.

We checked all the breeders near our home and communicated with everyone.  The nicest lady ended up contacting us back and communicating with us by answering all our questions.  We were able to do a fur test to confirm I was not allergic to him!  The drive to her cattery was 4 hours but we decided it would be worth it because of all her help.  Here is a link to the cattery were we got our kitten:  Inspurrations Cattery.  We are thankful to Jackie who helped us get a kitty into our home that I am NOT allergic to.  These cats have a lower level of allergen in their saliva and are a great choice for those who suffer.   Here is our baby!  He is just wonderful!

Loves his straws!

Dale our golden retriever is not sure what to think
of that animal hiding in the tree.

Our new little helper!!
He wants to be right where we are!

Dale isn't quite sure yet but it's only been 2 weeks
that they have been together!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

iPad Padded Cover Tutorial

iPad 2 Air padded cover 

I know this is a strange cover for a iPad, however I have a reason for selecting this design.  Today is Mother's Day and my hubby got me a new iPad Air 2.  I wanted to make a padded cover for it.  A simple cover is  all I need.  Since it was Mother's Day, I was thinking a lot about my Mom!  She has been gone for 4 years now.  I thought it would be cool to search my mom's fabric stash to find one of her many unfinished projects to help me.  Then I found this!  Check out this old post of some of her projects I still have to finish.

This is one of my mom's started projects. I don't even know what her intent was.  She passed away 4 years ago now and there is still just so many things I still could use.  Happy Mother's Day to myself.  Something from my Mom to me!  

So here we go.....I will lay out some simple steps I used for this beginners project!

1/2 yard fabric for outside fabric
1/2 yard fabric for inside lining
1/2 yard batting
interfacing (I used SF101 pellon)
quilting thread (I used wool thread)
elastic hair tie
point turner/ chopstick

Decide what you want for the cover.  I echo quilted with brown wool thread to batting.  I also quilted the appliqu├ęd design by echoing around the flowers so they were tacked down to the batting too.  I cut the front and back 2 inches bigger than the size of the iPad or device to allow for the shrinkage with quilting.   Mine is an iPad Air 2 and I cut the original front and back fabric to 9 inches by 12 inches to allow for shrinkage when quilting.  The final size will be 1 inch larger than your device before sewing the sides together.  This is the measurement if you are not quilting and using a piece of fabric.

HINT:  Measure your device with the protective case on the device, like Otterbox, skin, etc.  You want to make sure it will fit in your bag with that in place.

 I echo quilted around the design through to the batting

This is what the front looked like on the
batting side when I was done.

Now trimmed down to 1 inch larger
than the device 8 inches by 11 inches

This is the back, plain brown and then 
quilted through to the batting

This is what the batting side looks like messy but got the job done!  Trimmed down to 1 inch all larger than your device on all 4 sides. 

Close up view of echo quilting 
around the flower design
I also did a little quilting inside the flower
to secure it to the batting - that stitching was done 
with white quilting thread and I echoed the flowers

Pin the right (pretty) sides together with the batting to the outside.  Sew three sides together, leaving one side open, the one you want to device to slip into.  I left a short side open so my flower could stay upright and I sewed 3 sides together.  

Pin with right sides together

sew together three sides 
(I stitched 5/8 inch around to hide the 
quilted edges)

Trim corners to make the bag easier to turn.  Using a chopstick or point turner to get a good corner.  

Corner is trimmed closely 

This is what it should look like
before turning right sides out
(one side remains open and not sewn)

Make sure the device fits easily with room to move.  There will be a lining so there has to be room for that because that will take up extra space.  I don't have a case on my iPad but if you do, make sure however it will be used, it will will fit with that in place.  

make sure iPad fits easily

Make the lining.  Cut the lining 5/8 inches wider than the cover and twice the length.  I sewed 2 sides and used the fold on the bottom.  I sewed the 2 sides on the serger at 5/8 inches with right sides together.  

The lining I cut 9 inches by 22 inches
and folded it in half
with right sides together

keep right sides together
do not turn

close up of serger stitching

Using the device placed inside the lining, place the lining into the bag.  The device will help the lining go in easier.  

the device will help the lining go into the 
bag easier

Trim the lining to match the height of the bag.  

now you have the lining inside the bag

Place elastic or a hair tie to the center back of the raw edge and baste it in place.  Also sew around the bag to keep the layers in place.  The layers will slip less when placing on the edge if you baste it down in place.

pin the elastic to the back center and tack down
Baste top layers together

Make the binding, or edge of the bag.  Measure the length and add 2 inches.  Iron on interfacing to the wrong side.  Place the binding with interfacing ironed on around the OUTSIDE of the bag and mark the seam where they will meet together.  Sew with right sides together to make a ring.  Iron seam open and then in half lengthwise.

binding with interfacing sewn into a circle
to fit to the outside of the bag

sewn into a ring and ironed in half
with wrong sides together

Pin the binding circle to the bag and sew in place. 

pin raw edges to the outside of the bag

pin raw edges together

sew 1/4 inch from edges

Turn the binding to the inside of the bag.  Iron it up to get a good edge and the fold it to the inside.  Sew down from the top, making sure you are catching the binding underneath.  Sew overtop the elastic tie to give it extra security.  

Iron the binding up
and turn to the inside

sew the binding to the inside
and sew over the elastic while they are
laying flat down

finished edge after stitching 
down the binding

Add the button.  That's it!  Viola, it's done.  

Oh my, mom's button collection is amazing!
What to choose, hmmm....
how about this one?

close up view of binding and button

My mom sewing on the back porch
many years ago!

This was my mom on her high school graduation
and the year of her death.  

Love you MOM!!!!!
Mom and me


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