Happy Birthday to Me!

Me with my sister Amy

Flowers from my daughter Sarah 
living in California

I appreciate all the happy birthday wishes!  I feel blessed to have such a great family and group of friends!  53 years young!  Counting down until retirement....9 years to go.  Can't wait. 


KaHolly said…
Happy Birthday to you, indeed, Stephanie!! I'd like to see 53 again!! Just sayin'. Have a wonderful birthday week!!
Jocelyn said…
Happy Birthday! We celebrated my father in laws 95th birthday yesterday :-)
Domovnitsa said…
Happy Birthday! Happiness and success!:O)
Pokey said…
Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Mine is in July, too. ope your day and year is a good one ~
Gene Black said…
Many wishes for you for a great year. And when those nine years are past - I am sure you will love retirement. I know I am enjoying it.

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