Learning to sew all over again

My cast, January 2014

Have your tried sewing with your other foot?  I am having to do it right now!  After a week of foot elevation and then my sutures coming out of my foot, now I am blessed with a cast.  I am finally feeling well enough to get back to sewing.  Using my left foot to operate the pedal foot is quite a different experience.  My sister says it will stimulate a different part of my brain that doesn't get used very often :)  If you sew, you should try it.  If you don't sew, you should try doing something you usually do with your right foot with your left foot.  It has been an adjustment!  Sometimes I push it way too hard and other times I think I'm pressing it and nothing is happening.  We had many orders in our  Etsy Shop  that I couldn't put off any longer so getting back to sewing was a necessity.

No weight bearing on my right foot is challenge as well!  Using a knee roller is a challenge but can't imagine not having it.

 This was my first splint before my stitches came out.

My new hardware!  Oh my!
Surgery was to fix arthritis in my right big toe.  

This is my second cast. 

This cast stays on for 2 more weeks and then I go to a boot.  Still one more month of no weight bearing and using the knee roller.   Here's to my hubby who has been doing everything for me!   

A special thanks to all our Etsy customers who had to wait a little extra longer for their order!  We greatly appreciate their patience!  Stephanie and Kevin


Debbie said…
Yes! It works now, Stephanie!
Pokey said…
Ouch! I'm glad to see you are getting around after the surgery. As far as sewing with other foot, I sew with my left foot all the time. When I sew with my friend, we always are switching the foot pedal back and forth ~

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