End of summer crab feast with the family

From left to right:  my niece, me, Matt, my two uncles, my hubby, Paul and Jimmy

Nothing like Maryland crabs on a cool summer night with all my boys home from college.  
How time flew by this week :(   My oldest son Jimmy was home for only 5 days from his engineering program at WVU.  He had a few days between summer school and the start of the fall semester.   It was great to have him home but of course he was busy the entire time.  He warned me before coming home texting me this picture which said 
"mom, just to warn you, I grew a full beard"

Jimmy with his new beard....he doesn't 
think its RED!  (are you kidding me?)

He and my youngest son Matt worked on installing a new stereo in his Tacoma truck.  At one point there was no doors or seats in the truck!  He is very talented with cars/trucks/motorcycles.  He works part-time on cars while in school to be a mechanical engineer, thus explaining the shirt with his name on it.

And for the great news.....my middle son Paul, who just graduated from college in May just got his first career related job.  He will be working at a large TV News station here in Baltimore!  He is a graduate of MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) with a Bachelors of Art in Photo and Film.  He will be working as a cameraman/videographer for the nightly news.  

My son Paul at MICA
Graduation May 2013

me with my boys:  Jimmy, Paul and Matthew
And then there is Matthew....my youngest.  He is on the far right.  He starts college in the FALL.  That is my last one to start college.  No longer do we have anyone in high school.  It's a great feeling but it's a sad moment as well.  The boys are growing up so fast, it's scary. 

I hope everyone had a great summer and lots of time was spent doing what you love!  Here's to a great cool Fall. 


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