Paul's College Graduation!! YEAH!!

Our son
Paul Warren Angelo
graduates with honors from
Maryland Institute  College of Art
Baltimore Maryland
Class of 2013

A weekend celebration!  MICA started the graduation festivities last week with Art Walk 2013.  Here the seniors, all 400 of them, got to show their stuff.  All the painters, illustrators, sculptures, graphic artists, fiber artists, photographers and film majors had their work on display.  The exhibit covered 8 buildings and about 30 floors!  I have never seen so much talent.  Paul's work covered one wall.  He photos were all done in medium format film.  You can see his senior work HERE!

Paul with his Commencement Exhibition 
Bachelors of Fine Art
Photography and Film 

Kevin and I are very proud!

Paul with his younger brother Matt

Me, Paul and Matt


MCW said…
Awesome job! Proud of him. Can't believe he is that old already!
Dee said…
Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment!
Vesuviusmama said…
How fun to see the photos from Matt's graduation, and then to see these with the "garb" reversed on the two boys. What an exciting month!

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