Ravens Win SUPER BOWL 2013 - XLVII

Some of the NICU nurses and respiratory therapists
 showing off their Ravens purple pride.  

Of course I had to work!  I am a NICU RN at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and that's me on the far left with some of my co-workers.  There purple staff members had high hopes that the RAVENS would win while taking care of the smallest Ravens Fans in Baltimore.  We were quite excited to hear the news and celebrate with each other.  

High from the 8th floor, the NICU staff celebrated and watched out the window to see grid lock in the Baltimore streets.  Cars were not moving, we could hear horns honking from high on the 8th floor.  You could see the helicopters by the Inner Harbor.  Local news showed crowds and crowds of people in the streets celebrating.  We were all glad we were here and not having to deal with the traffic.  There were a lot of happy Baltimore Fans headed into the city still at 2 am and the Baltimore City Police had to shut down major highways leading into the city to keep out more fans entering into what was already considered grid lock.  We however were safe and sound, enjoying good eats.  

Go Ravens!!!


YAY!! Go Ravens!!!!
julieQ said…
My son is ecstatic!! He lives so close to you!!

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