My first quilting contest entry!

I finally did it, entered my first quilting contest!  The AQS in Lancaster is the contest I entered.  It is scheduled for March 2013.  I won't find out if my quilt is accepted until December, crossing my fingers my quilt meets their vigorous requirements.  This is the quilt I made for our daughter in May when she graduated from college.  Below are some pics of the quilt, the picture I used for inspiration and a pic of Sarah with the quilt.  She says she is willing to part with it if I end up making it into the contest!  

Go here to see my posts about how
I made this original design quilt!


RG said…
It's gorgeous Stephanie with it wonderful colours, design and texture.
Wishing you every success!
Gene Black said…
I have loved this quilt from the beginning. I hope you get in and win a prize!
Deb said…
Fingers crossed!
Wahoo for you!!! Good luck!!
Pokey said…
Here's hoping for the best, it truly is a treasure of a quilt, Stephanie, regardless of their judgement. It does deserve a Blue ribbon for sure ~
Linda said…
Nice!! Really Nice! Hope to see it in Lancaster this year.
Jocelyn said…
Wow congratulations on your entry. I hope you do well.
jeremy said…
Not bad at all. I love your style.

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James said…
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Denise :) said…
Stephanie, this is simply *gorgeous*! You did a fabulous job replicating the iron -- I recognized it right away!! Beautiful!!! :)

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