Monday, October 15, 2012

Large Format

My son Paul is working with this camera...a large format camera.  
He is senior in college at MICA
Did you know about this camera? 
is something I have never really known about. 

Matthew my son is a senior in
high school and this was 
spirit day...all dressed up.
Seniors are yellow
and juniors are red. 

Having fun, oh those were the days.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

My first quilting contest entry!

I finally did it, entered my first quilting contest!  The AQS in Lancaster is the contest I entered.  It is scheduled for March 2013.  I won't find out if my quilt is accepted until December, crossing my fingers my quilt meets their vigorous requirements.  This is the quilt I made for our daughter in May when she graduated from college.  Below are some pics of the quilt, the picture I used for inspiration and a pic of Sarah with the quilt.  She says she is willing to part with it if I end up making it into the contest!  

Go here to see my posts about how
I made this original design quilt!


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