Tutorial for repairing a QUILT


Wedding Ring Quilt

This is an old wedding ring quilt that is in need of repair!
Many areas are fraying and thread bare.

As you can see above, some peices were gone.

And below is the finished product!

So, how is it done?  
I started by gently taking out the piece, one stitch at a time. 

An old quilt top never quilted,
an excellent source of fabric!

Next, I cut a piece of feedsack fabric from an old quilt top I purchased from ebay. 

Start by cutting a raw shape, not exact by any means.  Here I am slipping the fabric under where you can and begin pinning with applique pins. 

You can see in this picture how I tucked under the piece where the original block was tucked under and I folded the block where it goes on top of the other pieces. 

Using quilting thread, I hand appliqued the piece into place.  Doing this makes some of the hand quilting come out.  In this case, I secured the old quilting thread by knotting them and attaching my new thread to the ends, then re-quilting the new piece into place. 

Another example of fraying

Sharp pointed scissors is the key to picking apart the pieces!

After removing the worn piece

new piece pinned into place -
place under edges of folded pieces
 and fold on top where you can't get it under.

After stitching and after the repair is finished,
this is what it should look like. 
Here you can see how the piece was simply
appiqued on the edges. 

The back does show some extra sewing, but I decided that is the price you pay for having to repair.  If it was a light colored backing, it would be less visible but of course this one is brown and the repair is more obvious.  Oh well, this quilt will be able to used for many more years.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Here's to a life time of wonderful quilts!


Jocelyn said…
Great info Stephanie.
Great tutorial, Stephanie. Thanks for showing so well exactly how to do it!
Dee said…
Wonderful repair work! Thanks for sharing that with us!
Pokey said…
Good job, it is so good to see new life put into an old quilt! Now it can continue to do its job of bringing color and comfort. I once had to repair the white background on a 67 year old woman's quilt that had been made for her by her maternal grandmother, boy it was hard to find a white to match, and her Gramma's quilting stitches were much better than mine! But to the dear lady, it was an heirloom restored. It did make me feel good about that ~
Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Celebrity corporate club
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have a cherished crazy quilt that I have wanted to repair, but I was afraid to ruin it. Now I know how. YES.
Great tutorial. I've repaired many an old quilt for people and this is how I do it also. Lots of work but the owners are always grateful!
Jessika said…
Do you think it is best to cut out the worn block or can you leave the worn piece and appliqué over the top. I am having a hard time cutting into my quilt.
Wendy said…
I have an old quilt that contains the same red fabric with yellow flowers that is shown in the lower photos. Fun to see something I recognize pop up in a different quilt.

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