Friday, June 15, 2012

Out of commission...

Out of commission for a couple of weeks!

I had shoulder surgery on Wednesday.  My bicep tendon was completely torn and had to be reattached with 4 pins. I started physical therapy today.  I have 4 small incisions.  The surgeon fixed the tendon and shaved off some bone spurs.  I am hoping to get some hand work done at some point maybe next week.  Until then, lots of rest! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nautical Quilt

Nautical quilt finish!

Sailing in Annapolis Maryland

My Aunt Grier

I just finished this nautical quilt.  Specially made for my Aunt Grier who lives on the water in Annapolis Maryland.  The inspiration came from Ashley's blog, Film in the Fridge.  Her easy tutorial is located here.  I was searching for something nautical but nothing that looked too sailboat like.  I wanted it to be subtle and this quilt did just that.  I got some fabric to match her living room chairs and then pulled those colors into the quilt throw.  The outcome was perfect.  I embellished with pearl cotton on the top by stitching through to the batting.  I used a chain stitch to create a rope-like effect that was flying the sails.  The backing was added after all the chain stitching was completed.  I did the quilting by hand, hence, the lap size. 

The color theme I took from her chairs.

We couldn't decide, where to put the quilt.....ottoman or couch? 
Hmmmm, I like both!

close up on couch

I appliqued shoe laces onto a few of the triangles before stitching them together to make it appear as ropes on a sailboat. 
the back

How about outside on the deck?
Looks inviting with my favorite flowers! 

Full view of front

Full view of back

my quilt label


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