Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wool Applique Quilt Finish

Sarah's Graduation from College Quilt 

Sarah took this picture on a semester abroad
in Mexico her sophomore year

The minute I saw this picture, I just knew it was going to be a quilt for her graduation!  I started it back in January and finished it in time.  I hand appliqued a variety of turquoise felted wool onto a white felted wool background.  After the scroll was done, I added beads.  I used turquoise and coral beads because she loves these colors and because I thought it would remind her of her trip to Mexico.  After the beads were sewn on, I hand quilted by stippling.  The results were wonderful.  I just love it.  She was surprised!  Below are some better pics of her and the quilt.  

the backing

The label I made to place on the back of her quilt.

Sarah opening her quilt from me.

Sarah with me and the quilt. 
For directions of how I accomplished this, go to earlier posts here.  


Jasmine Sandoval said...

It turned out BEAUTIFUL! Great job!

Debbie said...

Wow! It came out great, Stephanie! Congratulations to Sarah and the whole family.

Pokey said...

I just read the post on your dd's graduation, and I thought, "Wonder if Steph got the quilt done?" WooHoo, look at YOU! It is incredible, truly a labor of love! Priceless. Good work, Stephanie! Congrats to Sarah ~

Gene Black said...

I can only echo the first turned out Beautiful!
And congrats on the graduation too!

Barb said...

What a sweet picture with the both of you. Your quilt turned out super wonderful and I know she will cherish it always. Congrats on the graduation.

Muddling Through said...

Stephanie, it is just beautiful. I can see all the love you sewed into it from here. Beautiful graduate, too!

Kim D. said...

Hi Stephanie, I haven't been over for a visit in quite some time. I'm happy I stopped by today to see your beautiful graduation quilt. I love it and I'm impressed that you used wool. I have a photo of a beautiful ironwork door that I have hung in my sewing room, a project to be completed one of these years. You have truly inspired me with yours.

Loris said...

Stephanie, this turned out so beautiful! What a sweet work of art and loving gift for your daughter. You will both cherish this through the years. Congratulations to you both for such a successful graduation!

Vesuviusmama said...

Congrats on another college grad! What a special quilt you made for her! Oh, and yesterday I met a woman who was a college friend of my husband's who mentioned an interest in learning to quilt who is in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins. I just sent her a link to your blog (not so you could teach her to quilt, but to let her know if isn't just country bumpkins like me who quilt!)


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