LK and her quilt

LK with the quilt I made her when she was born!

I can't believe how much she looks like me when I was born!  
She is my cousin's daughter.

Easter 2012

What a great pic with her on her quilt!  Love it. 

LK Easter 2012

Scary how much she looks like me!   

Me Easter 1962

Me Christmas 1961

This is the picture I took of the quilt before giving it to her when she was born.  It is much prettier with her in the pic!  It is a simple log cabin pink quilt just for her.  Go here to see the original post! 

My signature is a hand embroidered label placed on the back.  I quilt the quilt first and then whip stitch it to the back.


That is a beautiful quilt, and an even more beautiful little girl! She does look a lot like you.
Frog Quilter said…
Very nice quilt. Love the vibrant colors..CUTE babies, all of them.
Gene Black said…
Both the sweet little angel and the quilt are beautiful. She does indeed look like you looked at her age.
Lili said…
Your're handwork is lovely :) saw your blog and got excited about everything. I really would like to learn to stitch, but I'm not that skillful. Anyway, just wanted to congrat you ;) I'll follow your blog and get happy with what I see :) continue the great job!
Lili (from Lison)
Chris said…
What a lucky little girl! She has an auntie who loves her very much and made her a special quilt, and the honor of resembling that auntie as well. Sweet.
Jeanne said…
A wonderful quilt and a beautiful little girl.

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