Wool Quilt progress

Sarah's College Graduation Gift

A quilt to remind her of a semester abroad in Mexico.  Below is a picture she took while studying abroad.  It is a window grill.  As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I had to turn it into a quilt.  She has no idea that I am busy trying to complete this by May for her college graduation.  She attends Peace College in Raleigh NC and will be graduating with a Forensic Anthropology Bachelors of Science Degree!  We are so proud of her!   Above is a picture of my progress.  It is on my design wall right now but eventually I want to put it onto a white wool background.

The picture that inspired me.  
Sarah took this picture during her sophomore year
while studying abroad in Mexico.  

Our Sarah

How did I do it?  I took the picture and photoshoped it.  I cut out the color and then sent it to Kinko's and had it blown up to poster size.  Now it's 25" by 44".  See below my template that I use to cut out my quilt pieces.  I decided to make a wool applique quilt, my first.  So hopefully I can do this. 

This is the picture made black and white.

I had two posters printed, just in case.

Traced each separate scroll onto freezer paper and ironed each onto my turquoise wool pieces.  After cutting them out, I glued them in place onto the white wool by using my sliding glass door. I taped the poster onto the sliding glass door on a sunny day and then I taped the white wool on top of the poster.  I  carefully glued each scroll work design onto the while, leaving loose the areas that overlapped each other and pinning the top layer slightly out of the way until the under layer could be appliqued into place.   See below the picture on the sliding glass door, it was my big light box.  

Using a sliding glass door as a light box.
I had to use packing tape to find a tape strong enough to 
hold up my yardage of white wool.

Showing some of my pieces,
cut from freezer paper and used multiple times.

This is the color scheme I was going for, she loves
turquoise and coral!  

turquoise and coral of my colors for this quilt.  

My plan is to use the turquoise dyed felted wool of various fabrics as the wrought iron window grill on a background of cream wool.  Then border with this wonderful coral fabric from Michael Miller's collection Ooh La La and I am using the Spice Palates.  The fabric above will be part of the backing as well. 

See this wonderful print on
Coeur De Fleurs in Coral 

Turquoise wool from Sue Spargo. com

More turquoise wool from quiltingacres on Etsy.

So, I am excited about the progress
and I am
having fun creating!



Debbie said…
Wow, Stephanie! That's beautiful. Such a great idea. Congratulations on Sarah's upcoming graduation. She doesn't read your blog?:)
I think she is too busy with school to be checking my blog! Let's hope!
Gene Black said…
Wow! I have some pictures of window grills that I took in Mexico...wanna make me one of those? hehee
Barb said…
What a great source of inspiration and the colors you are going to use!! Wow!
Loris said…
This is going to be such a treasure! You have done such a great job coming up with the idea and prep. Hope you have a wonderful time making it. Can't wait to see more! The fabrics are gorgeous!
Pokey said…
It will be such a memorable gift, mom. So thoughtful! It looks difficult but it will be worth the challenge. Can't wait to see more ~
Wow! You are really going for a masterpiece on this one. It's going to be great. Good for you!
Auntie Em said…
Wow, this quilt will be a work of art. Can't wait to see that color palette come to life. Wonderful!

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