Scrappy Triangles Quilt

On my design a quilt for my Aunt Grier.  I wanted to make her a throw quilt for her solid colored couch to match the chairs in the room.  Below is the fabric on her chairs, I got a sample from Calico Corners.  I used the sample to match a color scheme.  She has no idea I have her chair fabric!  She will be surprised.  

Aunt Grier, Aunt Beth and myself

I have these pictures from Thanksgiving, see the chairs?

I just love this solid gray couch, I am hoping the quilt
will go on the couch. 

She lives on the water in Annapolis Maryland so my thoughts were to make her a Nautical quilt.  I came up with these scrappy triangles because I thought it I could make it look like sails. 

Her backyard view

I have added some rope like embellishments on top of some of the sails.  It is actually shoe laces! 

My backing: 

My threads - my plan is to do some embellishing with this thread and then to hand quilt it.  

Thanks to a tutorial from FITF: scrappy triangles - a nautical quilt.  She did a great job helping me come up with the idea.  Go here to see her tutorial!  

I still have more work to do, but thought I would show you my progress.  Have a great week everyone! 


Lesly said…
It looks like such a good match to those chairs - I love the cheery colours and style! What a good surprise - she's going to be knocked out!
Unknown said…
What a fantastic idea to actually have her fabric from her chairs to match up the colors! She will just love it!! It will be perfect on the gray couch.
Gene Black said…
That quilt will be excellent with her chairs!
Pat said…
Love the whole idea and the colorful "ropes" will be a great addition to it. I hope your aunt doesn't read your blog!!! LOL
Dee said…
How fun! She will be so surprised and so blessed!

That was very clever and very sneaky!
KaHolly said…
It couldn't be more perfect!!! She'll just love it.
Barb said…
She will love this quilt, it is sooooo fun and happy. Enjoyed your pictures.
That really looks great! Kudos to you for going above and beyond to match existing furniture AND tie it in with the locale.
Loris said…
I love your scrapy triangle table runner. I live in Annapolis, but I'll be at a quilt show in Columbia in April. I was wondering if you'd like to give a copy of my book, Solomon's Puzzle, -- set in Annapolis and at a quilt shop there-- away on your blog?
DeAnna said…'s going to be just lovely. Your Aunt will be so surprised. The colors are great. I can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. I visited your Pinterest boards. Nice boards. I just now figuring out what it's all about. Thanks for sharing.

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