February Quilting Class

Allie, Nikole, Jamie and Alice

Fun once again.  Our group was a little smaller this week with only 14 ladies, made up of my fellow nurses that I work with at The Johns Hopkins NICU.  I was very happy to teach again.  This was my second class teaching this group.  I can't believe there are this many who wanted to learn how to sew.  Very happy to share my knowledge and my reward is passing on the love of quilting.  I forgot to pics of show and tell.  Next month, I promise to share their accomplishments.  

Dianne and Alice 

Meg, Eileen and Sue

 Shanny, Nicole and Rebecca

Sarah and her Grandmom!

This week I decided to show everyone how to make my designer trash cans.  We didn't finish so they had to take them home to complete.  

Once again, thanks to Seminole Sampler Quilt Shop in Catonsville, MD for letting us their space at no charge!  The Johns Hopkins NICU nurses appreciate your kindness!


Gene Black said…
What fun! The students all seem to be enjoying themselves. I love the variety of sewing machines also.
Congrats on your teaching, it looks like everyone had a great time.
Pat said…
14 is a really BIG class, but I'm sure you are doing wonders with it. They will really love whatever you teach them.
Pokey said…
What a neat thing to do for the ladies! Some people just need a little help to be creative, it is so nice for you to share time with them~
Barb said…
That looks like alot of fun!!

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