Teaching 16 co-workers to quilt

(Sarah, Audrey and Carly in the background)

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to share with you some exciting news...I put a sign up sheet at work asking if anyone wanted to learn how to quilt.  After some planning and getting ready, tonight we had our first class.  We will meet monthly!  WOW do I have an amazing group.  We made a small project and next month I will show you everyone's finished work.  I am just tickled pink that I am bringing the joy of quilting to 16 individuals.  How exciting?  Since I have 3 sons and have had little luck in getting them to sew, I feel the need to teach others.  Nothing like getting 16 nurses together in one room! 

Dianne, Alice and Allie

Eileen, Amy and Jasmine

Rebecca and Nicole

Sue (my boss) and Meg

A special thanks to Sue, Dianne, Allie, and Eileen who helped with teaching.  My helpers!  Thanks ladies for making the class so much fun and great food too! 

Trish and Nikole

Another special thanks to Seminole Sampler and owner Linda Schiffer for letting me hold the class in her store! 


16..that is fantastic, I am sure you will all have so much fun Steph....
Jocelyn said…
How fun is that! I taught a group of ladies from our church to quilt and we had a wonderful time together.
Pat said…
WOW....Super job, Steph!!! I'm sure that several of them will stick with it, too. (Law of averages says not ALL our students will stay with quilting, but....to even gain a few new quilting pals makes it very worthwhile!!!)
Joanne Lendaro said…
Looks like fun!!
I had so much fun learning to make our first project! Thanks for teaching us, can't wait to see what else is in store for future projects!
Chris said…
Steph - that's fantastic! You are an inspiration. Everyone looks like they're having a good time. A great stress buster too!

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