Button, button, who's got the button? ME!

I love buttons!

Enjoying my mom's stash of buttons!
She must have been saving for years!
Thanks MOM!!


KaHolly said…
I love buttons, too. Just before left, someone gave me a whole jar of old buttons that they bought at the flea market for a quarter!! I'm pretty easy to please!
Dee said…
Oh, Steph...what a treasure trove! Here's a hug!
Jocelyn said…
I've got quite a collection of buttons too. However, my daughter neither sews nor quilts, so I'm not sure who will enjoy my stash :-(
I also have a bit of a thing for buttons...lovely collection...
Deanna said…
Buttons are the best! Enjoy!
I love buttons, too, Stephanie. Sifting them through my fingers always takes me back to happy times in my childhood. My mom and grandmother both let me play with their wonderful stash of buttons.
quiltmom anna said…
I have a few collections of buttons- real buttons and ones that were created for craft activities for kids and a few ceramic ones too. They are so fun to look at - some could tell some great stories. I don't have any real antique ones though- how about you Stephanie..
Happy New Year to you and yours,
Joanne Lendaro said…
aaawww...Just think of a special hug for every button you have from her. I know you must miss her terribly.
Pokey said…
What a nice collection, and great comfort memories around them. I can still see my daughter playing with the buttons when she was tiny. I love the buttons, too ~

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