2011 Year in Review

2011....my year in review

2011 was a very difficult year for my family!  We lost my mom and my granddad, my hubby Kevin had knee surgery and hurt his back,  my Aunt Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer and my Dad needed a pacemaker. 

2011 was also filled with some wonderful things!  I got a new cousin, my children finished another year of college (putting me one more year closer to retirement!), Kevin's back got better, we both lost some weight, I made a few quilts (one for my Aunt with breast cancer who is doing great), I found wonderful things at my mom's to finish making, and my sister Kim was the winner of Rascal Flatts’ Flatts Fest 2011 Karaoke Challenge!  Lots of wonderful things happened this year. 

I just have to say to all my blogging friends...

Happy New Year! 
from Dale
our children
me and hubby!


Domovnitsa said…
Happy New Year! :o)
Pat said…
And I hope 2012 has more GOOD things than bad for you (and for all of us)!!! Hope to see you sometime soon.
Gene Black said…
Happy New Year!
Pokey said…
I'm wishing the same back to you, Stephanie!
Deanna said…
You are all looking great! A happy new year to you, too.
Vesuviusmama said…
HappyNew Year to you, too! I haven't visited as much lately as I would like, so some of your news was news to me. Here's hoping that this year has fewer losses and more gains. (well, except for weight)
Loris said…
Yes it have been a full year! and you have grown with grace through it. Hope 2012 is rich with blessings!
Happy New Year!

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