Family time

Our Thanksgiving 2011

Our tables, three in all to seat all of us.  Like the center piece?  Well don't think I am trying to set a new trend! It was to honor my granddaddy who we lost last month.  His favorite food is Sour Kraut, oysters and green onions (in the vase).  This was my first holiday without my granddaddy and my mom!  We missed them but it was so nice getting everyone together.




Goofing off!

They boys out in the sound while dinner was cooking! 
Three kayaks!

Playing on the peer!

Me and my boys!

FOOD!  Prepared by my wonderful sister, cousins, aunts and me!

My cousins and they puppies

Jimmy, Paul, Matthew and Sarah

brothers 2011
Paul being Paul!  He is a true nut!

Paul is on break from MICA.  Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD.  He is a junior getting is Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Photography, Video and Film.

Kevin and Matt 

Jimmy was able to find some time for studying!
He attends WVU and is a sophomore in
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Sarah baked and baked!  YUM!
Sarah goes to PEACE College in Raleigh NC.
She is senior with a May Graduation date.
Her degree is Forensic Anthrology.

Happy Holiday to all!


Pat said…
Thanks for sharing your photos and that centerpiece was great!
BJ said…
love the pictures
A Creative Life said…
Love the pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing.

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