Something I made 22 years ago

This is a cross-stich sampler I made in 1989 for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary!  I couldn't resist retrieving it from my grandparents home now that both of my grandparents and my mom have gone to heaven.  This will be something I will cherish for a long time to come.  It will remind me of how much they loved each other.  It also reminds me of special time in my life because when I made this I had given birth to my first son Jimmy.  It was done on finely woven linen.  This gift was loved by my grandparents for 22 years! 

MiMi and Granddaddy on their

Some close up views of my work from 1989 


Barb said…
Glad you retreived it, it is lovely and I am sure warmed their hearts everytime they saw it.
KaHolly said…
Stephanie, it's lovely! What a nice memory for you to keep.
Stephanie D said…
When my husband's aunt, who was really my mother-in-law died, I went to her house and retrieved a crewelwork picture I'd made for her. It's very 70s, but I didn't want anyone else to have it, and so it hangs in our bedroom now.

I'm glad you got your cross-stitch back; it's a lovely tangible memory to have.
Kim D. said…
What a lovely piece Stephanie, I'm happy that you were able to get your beautiful cross stitch back. I bet it has very fond memories for you.
Chris said…
So beautiful. What a treasure!
Aliene said…
I'm glad you have that treasure to
remember. It was really a sweet gift and one that I would have treasured.

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