More hand quilting done

close up of center square started in 1982 by my Mom,
hand quilted by myself.
This quilt was first blogged about here...

Center square fully hand quilted
This makes 5 of the 9 squares done and half the borders! 
Half way done!
My fingers hurt so it's time for a break and do something else....
Hmmmmm, what is next.  Maybe something from all the cool
stuff I found at mom's
(see last post!)
full view before starting to quilt


Barb said…
This quilt will be so fabulous when you get it finished.....and what memories....what a treasure!
Nana B said…
Well Done!
Gene Black said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gene Black said…
Your hand quilting is creating a lovely texture on that quilt. Good job.

(edited to correct my bad typing)
Denise :) said…
So beautiful! I love the center block! What a treasure. :)
Trish said…
It looks great! What a treasure it will be!

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