Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink Quilt Completed!

This pink quilt was made to give to my Aunt Beth today.  She recently completed breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy.  She is a strong lady who has always been there for me.  I hid a few pink ribbon fabrics into the quilt for a suttle surprise.  I embellished the quilt with some hand work with pearl cotton, hand quilted it and then added a label to the back as my signature. 

Before mom passed away in July, she helped with the picking of fabrics and the idea so I added her name to the label.  Aunt Beth is her sister, so it means a great deal to have a quilt my mom helped with. 

Me with my Aunt Beth...a breast cancer survivor!

Front of quilt

BeBe was added to the back because that is what her grandchildren call her. 

The label was made and then added to the back after hand quilting the entire quilt.  I tacked it to the back. 

Love the binding!

BeBe, my Aunt Beth

Her three children and husband's name was hand embroidered into the front. I used a verigated pink pearl cotton to add the details.  I really enjoyed making this quilt.  While mom was near the end in the hospital, I was hand quilting this one and so it will always mean more to me than anyone will ever know!  Aunt Beth said I can come and visit it anytime!  Luckily she lives less than 2 miles from me! 


Denise :) said...

Stephanie, what a GORGEOUS quilt! The colors, the layout and especially the BeBe on the back and the quilt label -- all just darling and sweet. And that you enjoyed making it makes it all the sweeter. It makes me just want to hug all y'all! :)

Dawn said...

Stephanie ~ I love how you added BeBe on the back, so sweet! What a special gift, thanks for sharing it :)

Pat said...

You did a wonderful job and this is truly a quilt that has HEART and SOUL in it.....both from you and from your mother. I'm sure your aunt will treasure this always.

Deanna said...

Beautiful and so full of love.

Barb said...

Turned out wonderfully!!!

Nancy said...

What a lovely quilt and the pet name on the back and beautiful label just add to how gorgeous it is. You have given me an idea for a school friend who underwent this surgery two years ago.

Loris said...

What a sweet quilt to bless your aunt. I love the large big letters on the back almost as much as the pink sweetness on the front. She will cherish this and you :-)

Jean said...

What a wonderful gift! I, too, love the binding.

Chris said...

So much love in one little quilt. Your aunt will cherish it all the more.

Shasta said...

It is a beautiful quilt - wonderful fabrics, great quilting, special wishes, the family connections. I especially liked the label.

Pokey said...

I love this quilt and L.O.V.E., love the label! How thoughtful of you to add your Momma's name to it, too. I'm sure it is already being loved.


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