Wednesday Weigh-In Week 56

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In
All are welcome to join the fun


Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me (aditchintimequilts) -2 lbs; -28.4 lbs total
Kevin (hubby) -1.4 lbs; -40 lbs total
Suzanne (my mom) -25.5 lbs
Chris (quilttalk) -15.4 lbs total
Deanna (weddingbluedress) -16 lbs total
Pat (alittleofthisandalittleofpat) -18 lbs total
Cathy (cathynellsquilt) -6.5 lbs total
Helen (auntyhennys) -11.7 lbs total
Kim D (createandsew) -9.2 lbs total
Jamie K -14 lbs total
Linda P -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q (saltmarshpath) -3.5 lbs total
Tonya (tonyassewingroom) -6 lbs total
Barb (dogmomdiva) -1 lb total
Marianne -22.5 lbs total
Diane (elmo-lifescraps) -13.4 lbs total
Judy -4 lbs total
Bunny (creativehare) -10 lbs total
Laura (cobblestone-creations) -7 lbs total
Nicole (sisterschoice) -26 lbs total
Susan (blackberrycreek)-2 lbs total
Rita (quiltpiecer) -12 lbs total
Steph D (ScrapsbyStephanie) -28.6 lbs total
Pamela Keeb - 11 lbs total
Pamela K -32.7 lbs total
Pamela E -4 lbs total
Janice (quiltingcamper) -40 lbs total
Becky (sarcasticquilter) -5 lbs total
Sue S -10.8 lbs total
Denise (daneesey) -2.5 lbs; -20.7 lbs total
Kathy S (new2quilting) -7 lbs; -8.2 lbs total

Micki (thedote)-30.5 lbs *
Barb (bejeweledquilts) -14.2 lbs *
JulieQ (JulieKQuilts) -11 lbs *
* These members have met their weight loss goal!

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update this post:
So far we have lost a total of 12.9 lbs this week (gained 0 lbs) for a total of 521.3 lbs in 56 weeks.

To see a picture of the progress of my husband and I at our ONE YEAR mark, go here!


Deanna said…
Stephanie, congratulations on pushing 30 pounds. You should make it in the next two weeks.

And, you are not a bother. I just have nothing to report, and it feels boring just saying, "same...same." But, hearing of the success of others is never boring.

I hope to get myself back on track. I am exercising regularly again (bless summer weather), but still eating too much. It is as simple as that!
Denise :) said…
Wow! What a week, huh?!! I've dropped another 2.5. I'm just chugging along. My first goal is to drop 25 pounds; I'm almost there. Then I'll set my second goal (which definitely needs to be set)! :)
Vesuviusmama said…
The photos say it all - great job!
I think Deanna and I must be twins! I'm the same! I haven't been adding any comments or weight reports as there is just nothing to report! :-( I'm still going to the gym, and MH and I have started having more soups and we have switched to wholemeal bread when we do have bread, and I think the scales at the gym said I might have dropped about a Kilo (about 2.2 pounds) since I started "again"!

I love getting the emails Steph! as it does remind me that I'm supposed to be working at dropping those pounds!!! I will try and report in more frequently. I will admit my current weight - 161 pounds (73 Kgs) fully dressed (gym clothes and shoes) so take about 3lbs off for that - let's round it out to about 158 lbs. I would dearly love to see 143 lbs so I must work harder!! It's winter here so that does make it a little harder!

Well done to the group!
Chris said…
The losers ROCK! I hope to regain your ranks soon. I gained back the 15 I lost when we started. So far I have shed about a third of it. Once I'm down all 15 lb, I'll start reporting in on Wednesdays again. Meanwhile,keep on keepin' on! :)
Stephanie D said…
Life's been tough the last couple of months with our family deaths from the Alabama tornados, and hubby's health as well. I've gained back even more than I had, but hoping to get back on track. Exercising at Curves has been sporadic at best, and I haven't been in 2 weeks, but plan to get started again. It's something I can do for me (when I'm not so doggone tired), and my mood is usually a little lighter afterwards, whether my body is or not!

Congrats to all who have stayed the course, and cheers to those of us who are going to jump right back in there!

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