Breast Cancer PINK quilt top

Here is the quilt top now pinned and ready to quilt.  A few weeks ago, I blogged about making a quilt for my Aunt Beth who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has had her surgery and now is going through radiation.  I hope to surprise her with this quilt.  I have already starting to HAND QUILT this beauty.  It will take longer, but it will be worth it.  She will cherish it for years to come! 

I decided to embellish the quilt with some pearl cotton embroidery designs.  I wanted to add the names of her immediate family, her hubby and her three children into the quilt to make it more personal. What I did to accomplish this is I pinned the top to the batting only and then added the stitching.  After all the needle work was done, I pinned the back on.  This way the embroidery's knots and strings did not show through to the back.  For the sashing between the stacked coins, I used pearl pink KONA solid fabric, my favorite!

Kate, her #2 child

and Keegan, he #3!

(the front)
 For the back of the quilt, I decided to add another personal touch.  She has two grandchildren so far.  Since I added the names of her children on the front of the quilt, I couldn't decide if I should add the names of the grandchildren too.  My dilema was that I didin't want to exclude future grandchildren if I put the two existing grandchildren names on the quilt.  The solution was simple, they call her "BeBe" so I decided to put that on the back as a way to include all the future offspring without having to name them all.  I thought it was pretty ingenius.  She loves being called this!

"BeBe" is what her grandchildren call her!
(the back)


Lurline said…
That quilt is just gorgeous, Stephanie!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Love the quilt!
Gene Black said…
MCW said…
She is going to love it!

Give your mom a kiss for me...
Angela said…
Lovely! I'm sure it will be treasured! :o)
9patchnurse said…
It's awesome Steph!! She will love it!
Nana B said…
Beautiful - and the hand stitching adds such a special touch!

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