Kevin's Surgery and Weekend work

Kevin is feel good and hopefully will be up waking soon!
Arthroscopy knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus.
My patient for the weekend!

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower!

I have been very busy!  Firstly, my mom had a stroke last week and she is still in the hospital, she is doing much better.  Then Kevin had knee surgery on Friday and is recovering nicely.  In the middle of all of this, we had some Hostas delivered that needed to be planted.  Kevin and I have been working on the backyard.  It is a steep slope making it difficult to cut the grass so we are planting some of our favorite plants to elimate some of the work.  Next is to put steps down the center to the gate. 

Here you can see a little of the slope.  It is 45 degrees, trecherous!  Planting on the hill was very difficult, especially by myself.  I fell twice and now have ice on my shoulder!  It needed to be done because Kevin's friend Time sent us 8 beautiful Hostas from his garden in Iowa and we didn't want them to die.  I did all this while Kevin's knee is recooperating and all the kids are away! 


Stephanie D said…
Bless your heart! I had one of those weeks and it was no fun! Is Kevin a "good" patient? lol
Janice said…
I love your garden and am so glad Kevin is doing okay after his surgery. I hope your mom is doing better. I pray for you often as I can't imagine the stress you are undergoing right now. Maybe that is what all the sweating was about this weekend. Working off stress.

Be blessed!

Chris said…
Whew - when it rains, it pours! I hope that both your patients will be feeling better soon and you can put your feet up for a bit. Your landscaping is looking great. I've been reworking my hosta bed, digging them up and dividing and have given away over 40 plants..and I'm not even half done! Will think of you as I dig! :)
Pokey said…
Be careful, Steph! You'll be next in the patient lineup...hope you and your loved ones recover quickly. The garden will be beautiful!

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