Another Raw Edge Quilt

Just getting started on another raw edge quilt or most quilters call it, a postage stamp quilt.  My raw edge quilts are made up of 4 smaller squares that I combine into one larger square.  I do it this way because it is a lot easier for me to work on smaller peices of linen.  I mark my squares with a blue water soluble line and then cut out fabrics to place on the linen in the design I choose.  I then glue them onto the top, I use linen.  My next step is to sew the peices to the linen and then I add buttons, beads, embroidery, etc.    If you look close, I bet you will recognize some of your favorite fabrics. 

If you look close, I added my name into the one above.

Close up of blocks above: 

Stay tuned for the next step.  Next week I am working on sewing all of them down to top.  I usually do the embellishemnts to the tops before putting the batting and the backing on. 

Below is my last raw edge quilt,  check out that post here!

As you can see, this one was much more linear.
The one I am working on now is more abstract. 


Barb said…
Love your raw edged quilts....I guess anything goes...and I like that!
Annesphamily said…
I love this! I am quilt clueless and yet I admire the artistic talents you have. I hope your weekend is wonderful. Have a terrific time. Anne
Anonymous said…
I like the way you make a layout and put your fabrics onto it! I've wanted to try one of these - think I'll go gather up some pretty bits and get started. :)

Where do you buy your linen? Handkerchief? Tablecloth?

:) Linda
9patchnurse said…
Awesome! I like how you layer the fabrics, like framing photos.
Debbie J said…
That is an extremely cool quilt! You do great work. :o)
Kim D. said…
Your quilt is adorable Stephanie! Looks like you're having fun designing each block. Is the linen a linen/cotton blend? I've been meaning to try out the linen/cotton blend because it's suppose to be more stable than the linen.
em's scrapbag said…
Fun quilt! Thanks for sharing your process.
Chris said…
Wow - such fantastic detail. A real treat for the eye! :)

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