Shopping in New York

Purl Soho's wall of color!

Thought I would share some more pictures of my New York trip.
This set of japanese fabics are for mom!

Kokko Fabric

Echino, Kokko fabric!

Some more fabric purchases
I guess I was in a purple mood!

Loved this circle applique at Purl Soho!

Saw this raw edge quilt in City Quilters...
looks a lot like mine below!
My raw edge quilt

All Saints Co...
Antique Sewing cool!
How funny is that?  When we saw these sewing machines,
we went crazy and took their picture.  Very cool!

Flowers in the street!

More pics from the Red and White Quilt Show

Love the shapes!

Now for my mom update....this was her just three weeks ago: 

This is rehab: 
She wanted me to bring her some hand sewing to do
in between all her physical therapy.

Like mother, like daughter, scary!

Love you Mom!
We miss you and want you home with us!


Lurline said…
Oh, I badly need a visit to NY! Great to see your Mum looking so relaxed and happy!
Hugs - Lurline♥
julieQ said…
OH, praise the Lord! You saved the very best for last...thank goodness for your Mom's recovery!! Whoohooo!! And...the shopping was wonderful too!
Gene Black said…
it looks like you had a great trip and saw lots of wonderful things.

I am so glad to see that your Mom is looking so much better.
Bunny said…
Aww Nice to see Mom up and enjoying some stitching. Oh your NY trip looks amazing. We used to live on Staten Island 30 yrs ago and I did not quilt in those years. So I have never gone to a quilt shop there. I will have to do that some day. We live in Canada now, so it is not that close anymore. Boo Hoo I loved NY.
Dee said…
She's beautiful! She looks so much better and happier with you and her sewing beside her! So glad she's getting back to health!

The other pictures are great, just not as lovely as the last!

Thanks Steph!
How fun! Love the pics, thanks for sharing.

Good for you, Mom! Keep up the recovery, you are looking great!
Pat said…
I'm so glad to see Suzanne up and doing so much better! Our prayers were answered. Love the things you showed from the NY trip, too!
MCW said…
Aunt Susie is looking good! Hope she is feeling better as well..
Thank goodness your mom's doing better! You must be so relieved.

The shopping looks like fun. I haven't gone there in ages but a friend recently was shopping in Santa Monica and there also was a storefront with lots of antique sewing machines as window decor.
Barb said… love the pictures....

Glad your mom is up and about....
Pamela Kieffer said…
I am so glad to see your Mom feeling better and ready for so hand work. What a great time you had in New York, a wonderful quilt show.
What a gorgeous post Stephanie, I would love to visit that shop one day, lovely to see the difference in your Mum. xo

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