Prayers needed!

Say a prayer for my Aunt Beth who has been told she may have breast cancer.  Her biospy was today and we find out on Monday /Tuesday the results.  This has affected many of my friends and a few of my family grandmom, my Aunt Grier and my Aunt Judy.  It is one of the most scariest things a woman can hear.  Here are some photos of my wonderful Aunt Beth, my mom's sister.  Beth is only 11 years older than myself!  She babysitted for me when I was little and I babysitted for her three children: Molly, Kate and Keagan. 

My Mom, Aunt Beth and Aunt Grier

Aunt Grier, My Mom, Uncle Kelly and Aunt Beth
with my Granddaddy

My Cousin in Kelly Anne, her mom Aunt Grier,
Kate and Molly my Aunt Beth's daughters, my Aunt Beth
and my Cousin Mary Beth, Grier's other daughter

Aunt Beth and her daddy, my Granddaddy!

Her grandchildren

Thanks for all your prayers!


julieQ said…
You have them...said one right now.
Gene Black said…
Prayers being said!
Dogmom Diva said…
Stephanie, you got it, girl..praying and hoping for a good result..please let u know...

Dee said…
on it!
Pat said…
Prayers for Aunt Beth. There have been such improvements in statistics that there is much greater hope even for those with a positive diagnosis, but we will hope her diagnosis is benign.
MCW said…
Thanks Steph...we have a lot of bloggers praying for her. It will work. She will be ok.
Loris said…
That was a beautiful post, with the pictures showing your Aunt Beth. Best wishes to her and my prayers added, too.

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