I have a WVU Honor Student!

Congrats to my son Jimmy who was honored on Friday by the Dean of WVU for his excellent accomplishments!  His is doing great as a Freshman at WVU.  He is Dean's list.  The ceremony was held to honor all students in the Engineering Dept who's GPA was above a 3.5.  Seniors were given the cords from the cap and gown for graduation.  Something for Jimmy to strive for!  It was good for Matt to see Jimmy doing so well. 

WVU Engineering

Jimmy and Matthew, brothers

Me with Jimmy, he needs a hair cut!

Dinner together
Great time visiting my son

This was his way of cleaning up before we arrived.....it was hidden for for more than 24 hrs, then I found the stash....can anyone say fire hazard?  I made him empty it before we left.  I had to laugh when I saw it...

A closet full of trash! Kids!

Oh, and here is mom, healing from her fall! 
Nice colors mom!


Pamela Kieffer said…
I really like the kid's closet.

Best wishes to your Mom
Gene Black said…
I think he needs lessons in taking out the trash. But his academic achievement should allow a little leeway.

I hope mom is feeling good!
9patchnurse said…
Congratulations! I love the closet. Mountain Dew, pizza, and beer....typical college diet, huh?
Vesuviusmama said…
Congrats to Jimmy! Um, does Mom know you put that photo on the Internet? If so, what a great sport she is!!!
Jocelyn said…
WOO-HOO congrats to Jimmy! Hope your Mom is doing better.
Debbie said…
Congrats to Jimmy and you, Stephanie, on his achievement! What a good sport your mother is, allowing you to photograph her like that, LOL! Glad she's doing better.
Suzanne said…
Jimmy is my first grandchild and I think he is doing great!!

I want to thank everyong for the good wishes you sent my way.

As for as my photo on Steph's blog, I really don't nind, it's much worse in person.

Steph's Mom,

Dee said…
I helped the boys clean their room last weekend....oy!

Mom looks like she's feeling better even though she's sporting lovely shades of bruise on the mend!

Congratulations to you for such wonderful kids!
sewfunquilts said…
Congratulations to Jimmy! That's a great way to start his freshman year!

Hope you're mom is doing ok.

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