Black Eye

Mom and Me

Mom and her bruises!
Looks like they beat her up!

Mom gets a mani at rehab!

Hi everyone!  I have received many emails and questions about my mom asking how is she doing?  She is doing well.  She had a fall the other night at the Rehab Center she is staying, trying to put away her clothes in the wardrobe when she was  moved into a private room.  She is in good spirits and can't wait to come home. 


Pokey said…
Aw, man! A shiner in rehab, you could spin this into a clever story, Momma!
Sending hugs and prayers:-}pokey
Poor mom! She looks rough. Glad she is doing better.

My Alzheimer mom fell last month and she hit face first. That left her with two black eyes and a huge bruise in the shape of Tom Sellecks mustache on her upper lip! She look so funny I had to keep from laughing every time I went to the hospital!!!

Gene Black said…
Glad to hear that Mom is doing better.
Pat said…
Oh, my....tell your mom to be extra careful so she can get home as soon as possible.
Joanne Lendaro said…
(((hugs, for both of you!)))
Barb said…
I am so glad that your mom is doing good...and yes, she does look like someone took something to her. Glad she is okay from the fall!!
Nicole said…
Oh dear, your poor mom has been through too much lately! I hope she recovers quickly and returns home to her loved ones.
Janice said…
Glad to hear your mom is doing okay. I know you are ready to get her home.

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