Wednesday Weigh-In Week 41

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 41
All are welcome to join the fun!


Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me (aditchintimequilts) -0.8 lbs; -16.6 lbs total
Kevin (hubby) -2.5 lbs; -22 lbs total
Suzanne (my mom) -25.5 lbs
Chris (quilttalk) -15.4 lbs total
Deanna (weddingbluedress) -16 lbs total
Pat (alittleofthisandalittleofpat) -10 lbs total
Cathy (cathynellsquilt) -6.5 lbs total
Helen (auntyhennys) -11.7 lbs total
Kim D (createandsew) -9.2 lbs total
Jamie K -14 lbs total
Linda P -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q (saltmarshpath) -3.5 lbs total
Tonya (tonyassewingroom) -6 lbs total
Barb (dogmomdiva) -1 lb total
Marianne -22.5 lbs total
Diane (elmo-lifescraps) -13.4 lbs total
Judy -4 lbs total
Bunny (creativehare) -10 lbs total
Laura (cobblestone-creations) -7 lbs total
Nicole (sisterschoice) -l lb, -17 lbs total
Susan (blackberrycreek)-2 lbs total
Rita (quiltpiecer) -8.5 lbs total
Steph D (ScrapsbyStephanie) -34.8 lbs total
Pamela Keeb - 11 lbs total
Pamela K -26 lbs total
Pamela E -4 lbs total
Janice (quiltingcamper) -35 lbs total
Becky (sarcasticquilter) -5 lbs total
Sue S -10.8 lbs total
Denise (daneesey) -5.6 lbs
Micki (thedote)-30.5 lbs *
Barb (bejeweledquilts) -14.2 lbs *
JulieQ (JulieKQuilts) -11 lbs *

* These members have met their weight loss goal!

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost a total of 4.3 lbs this week (gained 3 lbs) for a total of 445 lbs in 41 weeks!

****************This week was better than last!  Mom got out of the hospital on Sunday.  Jimmy who had the flu while away at college last week was better within a few days and was able to get back to his mid terms.  I am happy to be invited to a quilting retreat the end of March, my first ever.  We will be going for a three day weekend in PA and then on Monday, March 28th, we are headed to New York for a quilt show.  I am very excited!  If anyone has any know how of what to take on the quilting retreat, let me know the few things that were invaluable to you! 


Janice said…
I am up 3 lbs for a total loss of -35. I have just not been paying attention and have not posted here in a while. I am back on track as of this week but needed to get the numbers straight so I can go on from here.

It is amazing what happens when your head is not in it.
Nicole said…
Slow but steady wins the race said the tortoise to the hare! I lost one more pound, for a grand total of 17 pounds.
Bunny said…
No loss for me this week. I am trying to get just a few more pounds off... Need 5 more to go. Total loss only 8 so far...
Deanna said…
Holding even for me.
fabricartist21 said…
Congratulations to all of you!! Great determination all of you have.
I'm like Janice..... I haven't posted here for a while!! Sorry about that!! We have had the most horrible hot and humid end of Summer and exercise is the last thing I have felt like doing. I have no idea what I weigh, so I think I will start afresh and hope for some cooler weather very soon so I can get back into a walking and exercise routine. My hubby started back at the gym this week, but it was just too darned hot for me!! I'll see if I can get motivated for next week!! I promise to get back into posting weekly here too!!
Micki said…
Have fun Steph in my homestate of PA and of course in NYC.
How cool is that!
Donna said…
As far as what to take on your retreat ... I just returned from 4 glorious days and here are my most essential supplies ...
1. Your own rotary rulers and rotary cutter, with a couple extra blades. (Mats will usually be provided.)
2. Extra sewing machine needles
3. Bobbins, already wound with the colors of thread you will be using
4. Small pressing board and iron
5. Portable Ott light (If you plan on doing any hand work in your room. Light in hotel rooms is never good enough.)
6. iPod, loaded with a good book on tape. Helps tune out distractions.
7. Your own pillow! You'll sleep better.
I guess those are my "must haves." Have fun!
Chris said…
Awesome - the weight loss group just keeps losing the pounds! Maybe I'll rejoin you down the road...I went on my first quilt retreat last fall and it was a blast. I discovered most people bring stuff to piece, whereas I was trying to do some FMQ. It was great to have so many other quilters around to compare notes with! Some ladies also brought old magazines and patterns and just gave them away. Of course, I felt compelled to lighten their loads!
Pamela Kieffer said…
I am down a pound this week. Oh it comes off so slow and there are so many temptations out there.
Have fun on you trip. Wish I could go.
Loris said…
Impressive! I'm proud of you!

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