Red and White in New York

American Folk Art Museum Presents
Infinite Variety
Three Centuries of

Thanks to Joanna S. Rose who gifted 650 red and white quilts to the museum.  They were on display this week and it was magnificant.  It was the most impressive display I have ever seen.  Here are some pictures but they don't give them justice.  I went with some bloggers (Lisa from 9patchnurse) and met up with some bloggers too (V from Bubblebeans and Sharon from Grassrootsquilting).

Sharon, Pat, V, Lisa, Heather and me

V and her daughter, so adorable! 

that's me at the show!

 After the museum, we spent the day shopping!  Fun, Fun, Fun.  CAN YOU SAY "Exhausted"?  I was.  Absolutely tired.  Slept the whole way home on the bus (3 hrs). 

Star sightings at City Quilter!

Also saw Marianne Fons but couldn't get her picture!

Purl Soho, a must see!

Purl Soho had the entire Liberty collection!  YUM!

And oh the fabric I bought, will save that for this weekend to blog about, some Kokko and other Japanese fabrics!  YEAH!


MCW said…
I live literally 3 blocks from Purl! Let me know if you need me to grab anything.
Those are some great pictures. I especially love that first one. It looks like the quilts have decided to take a breather and have a bit of gossip during the show.
Fran said…
Thank you for the pictures, there are so many of 'us' who could not go! I would have loved to absorb these quilts.
Paula said…
Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures of Red and White, I love them.

Take care

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