Wednesday Weigh-In Week 35

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 35
All are welcome to join the fun!

Our group has lost a total of 395.4 lbs in 34 weeks!

Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me (aditchintimequilts) +5 lbs; -8 lbs total
Kevin +5 lbs; -15 lbs total
Suzanne (my mom) -7 lbs; -23.5 lbs
Chris (quilttalk) -15.4 lbs total
Deanna (weddingbluedress) -15 lbs total
Pat (alittleofthisandalittleofpat) -10 lbs total
Cathy (cathynellsquilt) -6.5 lbs total
Helen (auntyhennys) -11.7 lbs total
Kim D (createandsew) -9.2 lbs total
Jamie K -14 lbs total
Linda P -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q (saltmarshpath) -3.5 lbs total
Tonya (tonyassewingroom) -6 lbs total
Barb (dogmomdiva) -1 lb total
Marianne -22.5 lbs total
Diane (elmo-lifescraps) -13.4 lbs total
Judy -4 lbs total
Bunny (creativehare) -0.5 lbs; -8 lbs total
Laura (cobblestone-creations) -7 lbs total
Nicole (sisterschoice) -0.5 lbs; -11.5 lbs total
Susan (blackberrycreek)-2 lbs total
Rita (quiltpiecer) -8.5 lbs total
Steph D (ScrapsbyStephanie) -0.8 lbs; -36 lbs total
Pamela Keeb - 11 lbs total
Pamela K -6.2 lbs total
Pamela E -4 lbs
Janice (quiltingcamper) -2.5 lbs; -39 lbs total
Becky (sarcasticquilter) -5 lbs total
Sue S -3.8 lbs; -10.8 lbs total
Dana (txlady2018) ~ Welcome new member!
Denise (daneesey) -2 lbs; -3.6 lbs Welcome new member!
Micki (thedote)-30.5 lbs ~ met her goal!
Barb (bejeweledquilts) -14.2 lbs total ~ met her goal!
JulieQ (JulieKQuilts) -11 lbs total ~ met her goal!

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost a total of 14.6 lbs this week (gained 10 lbs) for a total of 400 lbs in 35 weeks!

****This week was difficult for both Kevin and I.  We vacationed in Florida this week and did not stay true to our routine.  We did not workout and we ate way too much, resulting in both of us gaining weight.  This brings us both to the realization we can't do that when we go on vacation.  I felt like I lost my way but now it's back to hitting it hard.  Sorry to mess up our totals!  My mom helped us out though and she has been the incredibly shrinking women!  Have a great week! 


Denise :) said…
Yay! Add my two pounds lost, please!! Whoohoo!! :)
Deanna said…
WAY TO GO, MOM! I, on the other hand, lost Nothing. Still holding at -15.
Bunny said…
Down .5 not enough but it is down.
Diane said…
I am back in.... wrote down my starting weight which is pretty close to last time I reported in... just have made no new progress, but that week I will report a loss!
We seem to be on one LONG holiday here Steph!! No gym since before Xmas :-( and then the floods hit Brisbane and we couldn't even get to the gym even if we were planning on going!

Things are getting back to some sort of normal here and beginning this coming Monday our schools go back..... woohooooo! Surely I can get back on track then! Still no weighing scales at my place so I'll wait to weigh in at the gym and I might have to start the whole process all over again!!!!

Although....... I can now fit into a pair of trousers that I couldn't even get the zip to even think about zipping up before, so that's got to be a good thing!

Well done to everyone else, especially your Mum.... Hi Mum!!
Stephanie D said…
Down only .8 lb, but at least it wasn't a gain! Total lost is now 36 lbs.

Keep plugging, everyone!
Janice said…
Lost 2.5 lbs for a total of 39 lbs down. I have started an intense workout routine. I am hitting the gym at 5am, every morning. It is the only time I can go, so I am getting used to getting up at 4:30am so I can work out and get back home to dress for work. Some days I am glad to go and some days I just go. But it seems to be paying off.
Nicole said…
Just half a pound down this week. I need to apply myself more consistently to my eating plan I think!
Micki said…
It is hard on vacations to maintain. Just start fresh now. Congrats to the weight losses. I am now vegetarian and that has helped me so much with a lot of things. I am enjoying it.

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