Wednesday Weigh-In Week 34

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 34
All are welcome to join the fun!

Our group has lost a total of 383.5 lbs in 33 weeks!

Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me (aditchintimequilts) -13 lbs total
Kevin -20 lbs total
Suzanne (my mom) -16.5 lbs
Chris (quilttalk) -15.4 lbs total
Deanna (weddingbluedress) -15 lbs total
Pat (alittleofthisandalittleofpat) -10 lbs total
Cathy (cathynellsquilt) -6.5 lbs total
Helen (auntyhennys) -11.7 lbs total
Kim D (createandsew) -9.2 lbs total
Jamie K -14 lbs total
Linda P -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q (saltmarshpath) -3.5 lbs total
Tonya (tonyassewingroom) -6 lbs total
Barb (dogmomdiva) -1 lb total
Marianne -22.5 lbs total
Diane (elmo-lifescraps) -13.4 lbs total
Judy -4 lbs total
Bunny (creativehare) -1.5 lbs; -7.5 lbs total
Laura (cobblestone-creations) -7 lbs total
Nicole (sisterschoice) -11 lbs total
Susan (blackberrycreek)-2 lbs total
Rita (quiltpiecer) -8.5 lbs total
Steph D (Scraps by Stephanie) -5 lbs; -35.2 lbs total
Pamela Keeb - 11 lbs total
Pamela K -6.2 lbs total
Pamela E -4 lbs
Janice (quiltingcamper) -4 lbs; -36.5 lbs total
Becky (sarcasticquilter) -5 lbs total
Sue S -7 lbs total
Dana (txlady2018) ~ Welcome new member!
Denise (daneesey) -1.6 lbs Welcome new member!
Micki (thedote)-30.5 lbs ~ met her goal!
Barb (bejeweledquilts) -14.2 lbs total ~ met her goal!
JulieQ (JulieKQuilts) -11 lbs total ~ met her goal!

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost a total of 12.1 lbs this week and 395.4 lbs in 33 weeks!

Kevin and I are on vacation in Florida this week visiting my Dad and Aunts. When we get back I will update this post with your weights.  Luckily we are missing the snow and happy to report that our son Matthew is taking care of MOM and doing all the shoveling!  What are we going to do in 2 years when he goes off to college? When that happens, all 4 of our children will be out of the house and we will be left alone to deal with the bad weather.  Kevin and I don't want to shovel anymore.  Maybe it will be time to move then?  Have a great week all my blogging friends! 


Denise :) said…
Definitely want to get my numbers in here -- you do count the ounces, right?!? LOL! I lost 1.6 pounds last week. Yay! :)
Bunny said…
Hope you have a nice visit. Today I am down 1.5 I still have 6 pounds to go before our cruise Feb 10th. Was hoping for a few more but if I get down those few I will be happy.
Deanna said…
I am holding steady at -15. But, I am back to exercising and feeling much better.
Stephanie D said…
Well, I got off all the holiday and illness weight, which included some fluid gain. Back down to 35.2 pounds lost--so that makes 5 lbs since last week.

As I recall, this is the day I predicted we would pass the 400 mark--so I'm out of the running for the prizes!

My daughter sent me an article about drinking water in weight loss and though I knew most of the information already, one fact leapt out at me: Being even 1% dehydrated can lead to a significant drop in your metabolism. Sheesh. You can undo your exercise benefits just by not drinking enough water.

Here's the article in case anyone's interested:
Janice said…
Hi all: I didnt't my numbers in here in the last couple of weeks. I am down 4 lbs over the last 2 weeks for a total of 36.5 lbs gone. Never to return.
Micki said…
Have fun in Fla. I used to teach and live there. Moving there is not a bad idea if you don't want to shovel snow.
Congrats to the group!

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