Year in Review

2010 projects by Stephanie Hughes

As far as my personal life's year in review....many changes happened this year.  I found out I have an autoimmune kidney disease now but it is not progressing and with God's help, it will not take me out any time soon.  I just went to the doctors last month and my kidneys are functioning as they should.  Kevin gave us a scare with his chest pain but he found out a medication he was taking was causing the abnormal heart arrythmias and pain.  Finally, my mom is now living with us and she has added a little more responsibility to our household duties but it has been such a blessing to have her there.

Here's to a great year coming up and lots of time with friends and family.  My goal for this year is to continue to lose weight and to continue to support my friends in my Wednesday Weigh-In weekly posts

Happy New Year to all! 


KaHolly said…
You've had some wonderful accomplishments!! Good for you!
Happy New Year Stephanie! I'm sure that 2011 will be a great one for you. Thank goodness that your loved ones are at home and not in the hospital anymore. :-)
Well done on all your finishes Steph, they look fantastic...Happy New Year to you and your family..
Deanna said…
Thanks for sharing your year of sewing and real life with us.
Jocelyn said…
Wishing you a very happy and blessed New Year Stephanie.
9patchnurse said…
Love your quilts! Especially the top left one, the raw edge quilt. I have 'almost started' one, lol. Maybe in 2011. I am in awe of you standing next to Kaffe!! That's the coolest thing ever!
lifeinsurance said…
Happy new year Staphanie. Your quilts are extremely beautiful and I really like these.

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Annie said…
LOVE your snowball quilt - it's just beautiful!
Chris said…
Happy New Year Stephanie - you've accomplished much in one year!
marina said…
You did quite a few projects in 2010, I hope 2011 brings you many more and I hope your family gets a double dose of health and happiness!

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