Wednesday Weigh-In Week 31 ~ CONTEST GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 31
All are welcome to join the fun!

Our group has lost a total of 378.7 lbs in 30 weeks!

Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me +3 lbs; 13 lbs total
Kevin -20 lbs total
Suzanne (my mom) -2.3 lbs; -16.5 lbs
Chris -15.4 lbs total
JulieQ -11 lbs total (at goal!)
Deanna -17 lbs total
Pat -10 lbs total
Cathy -6.5 lbs total
Helen -11.7 lbs total
Kim D -9.2 lbs total
Barb -14.2 lbs total
Jamie K -4.5 lbs total
Linda B -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q -3.5 lbs total
Tonya -6 lbs total
Barb (DD) -1 lb total
Marianne -22.5 lbs total
Diane -13.4 lbs total
Judy -4 lbs total
Linda P -10 lbs total
Bunny +2 lbs; -6 lb total
Laura -7 lbs total
Nicole -9 lbs total
Susan -2 lbs total
Rita -8.5 lbs total
Steph D +1.6 lbs; -33.6 lbs total
Pamela (Keeb.) - 11 lbs total
Pamela K -6 lbs total
Pamela E -4 lbs
Janice -1 lb; -31.5 lbs total
Becky -5 lbs total
Micki -30.5 lbs ~ met her goal!
Sue S -9.4 lbs total
Dana ~ Welcome new member!

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost a total of 3.3 lbs this week and 378.4 lbs in 30 weeks!

OK GUYS....I am having a contest for everyone to guess how soon we will hit 400 pounds down (or 28.5 stones four our European Friends)! Everyone guess which Wednesday we will hit 400 lbs and what the actual total of pounds and ounces lost will be. (Example: 400.2 lbs) The one who comes closest without going over will win a prize from me. If there is a tie, I will pick a random winner from the tie. One prize for the members of WWI group and one prize for non-members!

Here are the two prizes I will be giving away, cute little note pad covers made by me....

A pink note pad to one of the WWI members

inside pink pad cover

A green note pad cover to anyone who wishes
to enter that is not a WWI group member...
for all other friendly
supporters of our group!
inside green pad cover

If you would like to win one of these wonderful notepads, please let me know the Wednesday you think our group will hit a 400 pounds weight loss!  AND TO EVERYONE, thanks for all the encouragement!  Please tell your blogging friends about how well our group is doing and about the giveaway in hopes to get more bloggers who would like to loose weight to join our group!  Thanks, Stephanie


Janice said…
Hi all:

I have lost -1 lbs this week. I am feeling kind of stuck, but have decided to start a new training routine at the gym starting the week after Christmas. I have to do something to kick myself into high gear. I am getting bored with my menus and my exercise routine, and boredom to me is the kiss of death. So I am going to start training in earnest and see if that will help. I will keep you posted.
Bunny said…
Not a good week for me up 2 not sure I will do too well the next week or so. LOL I am going to indulge LOL I only have about 6 pounds to go and these are sure the hardest. Enjoy your Christmas I think we might hit the 400 without my help LOL 2nd Wed in Feb. Hugs to all.
Deanna said…
Still holding at -17. Three pounds to go and, like Bunny said, the last few are the hardest. But, Merry christmas to all! We should be grateful that our problem is too much food rather than too little. We are blessed.
Stephanie D said…
Well, the week started out well--my visit to the doctor was gratifying. My cholesterol was down from the 280s to the 250s, and my A1C (overview of blood sugars for 3 months) was down from a seriously high 8.6 to a normal 6.5! My doctor was suitably impressed with those improvements as well as my weight loss.

So I got a little complacent, and gained 1.6 pounds this week. Drats.

My goal this week is to maintain. The dog and I have started walking and just need to make it a habit, even when the weather is cold. Good luck to everyone this week! Hang in there!
julieQ said…
I am at goal!! and a little under...hyperthyroid is great for that, but I can't recommend it highly otherwise! Keep on keeping on ladies and gents!! Merry Christmas to you, Stephanie.
Nicole said…
Hi guys! I can't say I have lost anything this week, but I haven't gained! The girls I work with are determined that we will all go on a health kick the first of the year, so I am hoping to have their motivation rub off on me. I sure would like to drop 15 pounds by spring! Merry Christmas everyone!

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