Kevin is feeling better!

Kevin showing off his EKG monitor ~
he just loves the leads attached to his chest hair!

Thursday evening UPDATE: Kevin is feeling better, no more chest pain. Tests did not show heart blockages and his heart seems strong, just some funky arrythmias (abnormal EKG). They think it's from stress so they have put him on a mild sedative to see if that helps. If his EKG normalizes and he does not have anymore chest pain tonight, he can come home tomorrow, just in time for Christmas! Thanks for all the support and emails!

Enjoying hospital food


Unknown said…
Oh Stephanie, I didn't know! I am glad to read that he is doing better!! I hope he is home for Christmas. Wishing you a very Merry!
Nancy said…
Hope he comes home soon!!

Merry Christmas!
Pat said…
I'm glad to hear it might "just" be stress. He sure is smiling brightly...maybe he LIKES that hospital food?? LOL
Pokey said…
Kevin, take care! You are the brightness behind Steph's smile!
Catsngrams said…
So glad not too serious. Please take care and enjoy the holidays.
julieQ said…
I certainly am praying for your is hard when you whole life is lying in a hospital bed! Many hugs and I hope everything turns out just fine.
Gene Black said…
Okay first and apology. I clearly have been missing your blog posts, I am sorry.

Did Kevin get those fun "shaved spots" for his leads? I get those with every stress test and they itch like Bl---dy H--l growing back in.

I am so glad to hear he is doing better I hope he is indeed home for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you, Kevin and the family.
Loris said…
Glad to hear he's doing better! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Look what I miss while trying to relax during the holidays! My goodness glad he's doing better and here's to having him back home soon.
Shasta Matova said…
Merry Christmas to you Stephanie. And how wonderful that you get to spend time with your husband.

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